Each Sparco© product is a perfect combination of design, innovation and quality created to guarantee high standards of performance and safety for drivers. The Sparco© Fashion line was created to apply this Sparco DNA to everyday footwear with a sporty style and elegance.

A DNA with two souls. The sporty one like the SP-F sneakers and the elegant one as the LIFESTYLE line by IMOLA & MONZA.

What makes SPARCO© Fashion footwear special?

– A history of legends and sports success behind it
– A unique design inspired by models worn by pilots
– Comfort and quality at your feet, not only when they are on the pedals
– The passion we nourish every day. Just like you.


Our design is passion-driven and our style is expressed paying attention to every detail.

The SP-F SERIES are the sneakers embodying the racing spirit, each model with its own history and character:

– SP-F5, the iconic sneakers with the historic Sparco logo
– SP-F6, the shoe perfectly balancing innovation and tradition
– SP-F7, which incorporates the shape of a circuit full of curves, straights and emotion
– SP-F8, with a design born and raised in the future, but which recalls the path taken so far
– SP-F11, shiny toe and upper that recalls the trail of speed you leave behind.



Materials. All the materials used for the production are designed to give you the best in terms of comfort and durability. From the Action leather of the SP-F series to the Genuine Leather of the Imola & Monza. Ultra flexible materials to facilitate the movement of the feet
100% Made In Italy production. Our laboratories and production centers of the LIFESTYLE IMOLA & MONZA series are located in Italy, where the best production standards of the Italian tradition are applied and respected, the best ones on a manufacturing level.
Adherence of shape. The snug fit, both comfortable and tight, allows easy motions in the pedal box
Continuous heel. The heel is rounded for a more comfortable riding position and greater control while transitioning between pedals.

Your SPARCO© Fashion shoes will come in a unique shoe bag, essential to carry them with you in your suitcase or to the gym.


Each year the models in the collection push design and innovation a little bit further: we are passion-driven and our passion has no limits.