1977. The dream of two young drivers from Turin (Italy) who decided to make the world of competitive driving a safer place. This is how Sparco was born. After more than 40 years, the dream is a consolidated reality that combines passion and technology without neglecting the traditional elegance of an Italian brand: design, innovation and high quality are the DNA of an “iconic” brand in the world of Motorsports.

From gloves to suits, from belts to seats, SPARCO® is the leading brand in the production of professional drivers equipment and racing cars in any kind of competition.


2013. SPARCO® joins the fashion and style industry, creating with IDT S.p.A. the SPARCO® Fashion brand, a collection of sporty and casual footwear, exclusively available online, only on website.

SPARCO® Fashion was created with the aim of offering motorsports enthusiasts the opportunity to affirm their style every day, feeling like a driver even off the track. Sparco’s DNA simply applied to the world of fashion with the same passion, the same design and the same high quality. These are the features of a footwear collection designed for real inspired fans of Motorsport. Whether it is the sporty SP-F line or the more elegant IMOLA & MONZA, the style of champions is now worn by tons of fans all over the world. In 2020, SPARCO® Fashion, in addition to establishing itself in the main European markets, opened its websites in Australia and New Zealand.

Clothing has always been a strength of SPARCO®, a means to reach previously unattainable goals, to fulfill dreams and make them grow day after day. SPARCO® Fashion takes this legacy to carry out an important mission: to make known values ​​and passion to an even wider audience. There is no reason to stop sharing that. The SPARCO® Fashion shoes collection, available in many models and colours but always with the same DNA, serves precisely the purpose of spreading out an ideal of style and beauty. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur, it doesn’t matter how much horsepower your car has, what is important is that you feel yourself and that you want to witness what drives your choices, your passion, wherever you want.

The Shoes Collection driven by the passion for speed expands as the search for new materials and design techniques continues. The incessant evolution is our constant.

SPARCO® FASHION Follow the footsteps of the Champions


Snug fit

The fit is snug,
but comfortable, which allows
easy movements in the pedal box



Thin and sturdy soles
to let you experience a superior
driving feeling.



Flexible materials such as
soft leather or fabric
to make your feet move more easily



Rounded heel for a comfortable fit and a greater foot control not only on pedal box